Xico's Journey - A Review

Today I've just watched a terrible kid's movie called xico's journey. In fact it was so terrible that I must write about it; The sheer terribleness of it illicitness a reaction to shout from the rooftops that it sucks.

But why does it suck?

The art style is very strange, they use cheap 2d animation for characters yet use 3d for backgrounds and vehicles; It doesn't blend well and looks uncanny, especially considering the stiffness of the 2d character animation.

Here's a short synopsis of the story: Business men want to harvest the materials of a mountain via explosive mining and fracking which is perfectly reasonable, and obtain permission from town's mayor to do so; But some old people think that is bad, and send their grandchildren inside of the mountain (which is being mined) on what is essentially a suicide mission to find some "Magical spirits". The kids movie that it is, the kids are successful and find the guardian spirit. What differs from other kid's movies is that instead of attempting to redeem the villain, they just murder them; they straight up murder the perfectly reasonable industrialists.

Now i don't want to use the term "Forced diversity" though it would ring true the term in this case is more off of the folklore they use, If the movie was good i'd say that they had good representation of mexican culture, But since the movie is bad i'll just call it cultural appropriation.

The writing was also very stiff and would often lore dump down your throat, very little was left to the audience before they'd immediately reveal it, and the story often didn't make sense and people acted very irrationally.

Overall would not recommend 0/10, It could've been better if the people working on it actually cared.