Photoshop vs Illustrator

Recently i've decided that good old fashioned paper drawing ain't cutting it (Mostly due to a lack of layers and an overall laziness from me), So i have decided to try two adobe products provided to me for free by my school, for some odd reason.

  1. Photoshop:

Photoshop is an adobe product meant for use of editing photos that has, over the years, become fairly common for use in drawing; Due to its innovative layering system and rasterized editing tools. The software works well for most things, though with its raster images has the drawbacks of low scalability, but overall it works well for essentially all works of art, whether it be digital painting, cartoon styled art, lineless art, whatever; it all works well.

Pixels of a rasterized image
  1. Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is an adobe product meant for drawing, making flyers, and that sort of thing, It uses vector graphics so whatever you make is not bound by the laws of pixels. It is very useful for making lineless art, like an amogus in the duolingo style:

'Mogus made based on duolingo's design guidlines in adobe illustrator by me

My main problem with the software though is their abysmal eraser tool, Their eraser tool of course doesn't work very well since it has to move lines (as dictated by vector graphics), And since my go-to coloring thing is first to do line work (which works well with vector graphics) but then on a different layer use a brush with a big size to color in. the intended style they want you to color with is either: group your linework into shapes and then simply select a fill color, Or make a new shape that fits into your linework with the desired color I do not do that so i currently am not a fan of illustrator, though for any line-less art i will still use it.

As a conclusion for anyone with low reading comprehension: Illustrator is good for linework or lineless artwork, but suffers in the coloring department for me specficially, and anything complex with many layers and shading and such will suffer due to the issues of vector graphics. Photoshop is good for pretty much everything unless you want to scale an image considerably, in which case you should use illustrator. And if that conclusion was still far too complicated for the brains of those who are addicted to social media and have succumbed to severe mental degradation: illustrator make math line bad at fancy color, photoshop good at most but not very big image. And for those who more so have faced far worse mental degradation as a result of addiction to shortform content: I have no conclusion for you, may god have mercy on your soul. Alrighty then, until i have something to say again: Asiago is a good cheese and have a good whatever-time-it-is-when-you-are-reading-this.

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