Multi-universal Computing

Since the topic of a multiverse has been pretty hot in the media, here's a way someone could theoretically create a computer with infinite computing power.

Now before we start some assumptions we have to make are the following: 1. portals to other universes are possible and require no energy, 2. An electrical current can travel through a portal. 3. A portal is electrically neutral and contains no charge. 4. A new universe is created every time a action is taken. 5. It is possible for a machine to create portals which can link it to other machines.

Now here's my idea: You first have to build a modular computer which through a wire connection can increase the total computing power of the system, Then you take an action and create a portal to another universe that is exactly similar to your own except for a single recent action. You want to make it so that modular computer can also link to other universes and connect itself to other modules. then you just sit back and wait, since the act of linking 2 modules creates a new universe wherein there are more modules, and the growth will be exponential. if you have 1 computer here is the growth.

First there would be 2 computers linked

then 4

then 8

then 16

then 32

to model this growth you can use 2(x+1) , now assuming that a linking happens every second; after an hour you would have 23599 which is so large that i can't find a calculator online that can model the number, Or to put it into simple terms, the amount of ram it would take to run Cyberpunk 2077 without lag. This was just a thought experiment though, likely if someone were to do this there would be immeasurable complications.