In defense of powdered parmesan

Many a times I've seen other I know constantly insult the sort of powdered parmesan cheese you get in like those bottles at the store. I have decided to take upon me the task of defending them.

Many say that "It isn't even cheese, it is like salt". It is cheese, just rather salty cheese. Many pasta dishes tend to be rather bland from people not putting nearly enough sauce or not enough spices within the salt. Parmesan can make those dishes better by adding that much needed flavor, It also adds a great texture, like fluffy eggs. Making buttered noodles? Parmesan works wonders.

Powdered parmesan can act as a great flavor enhancer for already good dishes, and serves to improve dishes that were never very good to begin with (like buttered noodles). Or if you don't like a food it is like a less intense version of barbecue sauce in terms of getting rid of unwanted flavors.

I'll likely amend this as I think of more points to make, Feel free to comment your retorts