Ap Computer Science Principles Final Project

As part of my class AP computer principles, we are required to do a 'Create Task'. Wherein we use all of the knowledge we've gained over the past few terms to create a technically impressive thing. We were allowed to do it in whatever programming language we wanted. And i chose scratch. I have begun to regret that choice.

For the create task we are required to have a few things; A list, Input (from a user, device, online data stream, or file), At least one function that contributes to the program's intended purpose where; the procedure name, return type (if needed), one or more parameters. An algorithm that includes sequencing, selection, and iteration, calls the student developed function, instructions for output based on input and program functionality.

It also needs a video where you show how the program works

You can also have some snippets of code to refer to when the folks at college board review your final project

I thought, Oh i'm pretty cool and since they allow us to do it in scratch it should be a breeze. but then i thought "oh scratch is too easy lets make this a bit complicated" so my final project is a dwarf fortress inspired goblin colony game set on a 70 x 70 grid. Not only is it a 70 x 70 grid, but because i must hate myself or something i decided "What if instead of being just a 70 x 70 grid it was a 70 x 70 grid that connects with other grid tiles in a straight line, making infinite possible goblin colony" so i did that and it works. the only problem is scratch and whatever computer is running the program, really don't like doing it. So i may change programming languages but i am not sure if i have time too, but i'll first finish the project in scratch and if i have time; port it to pygame.