Ai Prompt Generation

I was reading on my kindle earlier and thought, "Hey I should be a writer" and now i'm on a long and difficult track. Someone i know has suggested to simply "Have ai write stories and sell them for cheap" although that feels like outright plagiarism, and if there's one thing my second grade language arts class told me; plagiarism is bad.

So i'm left with a dilemma, how can i use this new tool of artificial intelligence to help with my writing journey without having it write for me? Well my solution is a simple prompt:

Of course it may seem simple, and that's because it is. To quote a villain from one of my favorite games (portal 2) "The best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one.".

Here i'll provide an example of what I wrote and the ways the AI was able to critique it:



Absolutely! I'm here to help. Here are three prompts for you to choose from:

  1. The Forgotten Key:
    In the attic of an old, mysterious mansion, you discover a dusty key. No one in the family seems to know what it unlocks. As you delve into the history of the house, you uncover a hidden secret that has been buried for generations.
  2. The Time Traveler's Dilemma:
    A person discovers a device that allows them to travel through time. However, each journey comes with a consequence – they age twice as fast for every year they travel into the past or future. Write about their moral dilemmas and the impact on their life as they navigate the possibilities and consequences of time travel.
  3. The Unfinished Symphony:
    A renowned composer dies before completing their greatest masterpiece. Years later, a talented musician stumbles upon the unfinished composition and becomes obsessed with finishing it. As they work on completing the symphony, strange and unexplained events begin to occur, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural.

Choose the prompt that resonates with you the most, and when you're ready, start working on your short story. Once you've written a draft, share it with me for critique and suggestions. Happy writing!


The Time Traveler's Dilemma:
Tim was perusing the world's fair, and it was quite a sight; there were all sorts of fancy things, a wind-up automaton, a steam powered man, and a self replicating steam train; to think of it there were plenty of fancy machines, but one was the most important. On the stage was a very odd looking man, he looked as if he was 70, but was as well built as a 20 year old. "Come all and see my Age reversal device!" Said the man. Tim, obviously intrigued went up to the man. "What manner of device have you built, odd fellow?" asked Tim. "Let me show you" Said the man, before handing Tim what seemed to be a slightly modified pocket watch. Tim, being a clumsy person, accidentally dropped the thing. The watch-object made a cracking sound as it struck one of the bolts that held the stage together. "Oh dear sorry" said Tim. "No worries, probably still works; test it out" Said the man. "all you have to do is wind it up to change your age, wind it forward to age forward, wind it backward to age backward". Tim turned the top dial fairly quickly, turning it forward about 300 rotations. Suddenly the world around him began to age rapidly and everything began to change, within moments his surroundings were completely different; he seemed to be surrounded by massive steel monoliths, and he felt far younger an more energetic. Out of the sky flew a steel pyramid seemingly propelled by the devil's magic. The pyramid landed nearby and two knights with geometric armor seemed to walk out of the pyramid as if it weren't there. one of them aimed a strangely rectangular gun at Tim "Time Traveller, surrender now or be vaporized" Said one of the knights. Tim, being a person not very keen on being vaporized surrender to them. To be continued...


Great start to your story! You've set up an intriguing premise with the time travel device and introduced a sudden, unexpected twist with the futuristic setting. Here are some suggestions to enhance your story:

  1. Character Development:
    • Give more insight into Tim's personality and background. How does he feel about the world's fair? Is he adventurous, curious, or skeptical? This will help readers connect with the protagonist on a deeper level.
  2. Setting Description:
    • Expand on the details of the world Tim travels to. Describe the steel monoliths, the atmosphere, and the overall ambiance. Engage the senses of the reader to make the setting vivid and immersive.
  3. Pacing:
    • Consider slowing down the transition when Tim uses the device. Describe his experience as he notices the changes in his surroundings and in himself. Take the opportunity to build tension and excitement.
  4. Mystery and Intrigue:
    • Create more mystery around the knights and the futuristic setting. Why are they there? What kind of world is this? Leave subtle clues or questions that will keep readers curious and eager to find out more.
  5. Dialogue:
    • Explore the dialogue between Tim and the man with the age reversal device. Add more details about the conversation to give the characters depth. What motivates the man to create such a device, and how does Tim react to this newfound power?
  6. Concluding the Segment:
    • End this part of the story with a strong hook. Leave readers with questions or anticipation about what happens next. It could be a revelation about the knights' mission or a decision Tim needs to make that will shape the rest of the narrative.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and you can choose to incorporate or modify them based on your vision for the story. Feel free to continue the story, and I'm here to provide feedback on the next part whenever you're ready!


Overall I think that this is a more ethical use of AI than a lot of those AI generated children's stories i've been getting advertisements for on kindle. If anyone else wants to try this, here is the prompt: "You are my writing coach, you will provide me prompts for a short story, i will choose one to write about, then you will critique my work and give me useful suggestions.".

Thanks for reading and Goodbye!